Young Poet's Poetry

Sharing our younger set's well crafted art in a safe environment, beginning with the group's administrator's winning entry from the main blog--
 "I Carried The Fire"

We'd like you to read this week's winning poem from our latest contest on All Poetry! This week's winner won 500 AP points and a chance to be noticed here so congratulate our latest poet's poem of the week winner Adrian Dayne our youngest winner yet! Adrian is a 12 year old young man with a very creative streak waiting to be released. Just read this weeks poem and decide for yourself! Congrats Adrian!

I Carried The Fire
Beginning of the year
All is well! All is well!
And I carried the fire

Soon after came the storm
Not one of rain and wind
One of sorrow, one of death
I broke down, fell to my knees
Though my heart may have shaken
I carried the fire

I grew stronger, I grew wiser
And bettered myself to see the day
It took fighting and it took pain
But I carried the fire

She came to me, I saw her face
I knew this time I'd been saved
See her smiling, love her laughing
I carry the fire

It's up to you to make the choice
Will you crash? And will you burn?
Or will you rise up? Take your life back?
Will you square your shoulders
and get back in the game?
Carry the fire, my friends

If you're willing to fight for yourself
No matter what storms may hit
Carry the fire
And you can rise from the ashes!